The Duff Trio as it was...

From right to left: Arleigh Duff, Lois Duff, T.A. Duff

The original Duff Trio consisted of Theodore Aldolphus Duff, Arleigh (Ya'll Come) Duff, and Lois Duff (A Million Tears). We sang throughout East Texas, Central Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri; our programs included Country Music, Gospel, and Popular Music selections. Our engagements included the Big D Jamboree and the Louisiana Hayride, among others. Recently Townsend Record Company in England released an album called You All Come East Texas Honky Tonk, which includes the original recordings of Ya'll Come and A Million Tears.


T. A. (Dolphus) Duff

Dolphus Duff was a born entertainer. Born nine miles west of nowhere (Warren, Texas), he was the eldest son of five children. Entertainment was nonexistent unless it was created. As a youngster, he attended gospel music singing schools, learning "shape notes". He found his niche. After he and Luezelle Vinson married and moved to Nederland, Texas, he helped found singing conventions in the area, which were attended by hundreds of people. He was a member of the Neches Valley Quartet, which toured the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The alto singer of the group married and moved to Dallas, leaving a tremendous gap in the quartet. Dolphus was sorely disappointed for about three days. However, 12-year-old daughter, Lois, was waiting in the wings.

Lois Duff Faris

Daughter Lois made her debut with the quartet on live radio and before a crowd of about 100. She felt no butterflies because she had literally never known a life without music. From as far back as she could remember, she was awakened each morning by the radio program theme song of the Stamps Quartet, "Give the World a Smile Each Day". All in all, not a bad way to start the day. What a heritage. After Lois toured with the quartet for a couple of years, brother Arleigh entered the picture again, and the quartet became The Duff Trio.


Arleigh Duff

As Arleigh himself said, four things were the love of his life: God, family, country music and basketball, in that order. Arleigh coached basketball for three years. During this time, The Duff Trio sang in schools and churches in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, and Missouri. Arleigh said "Well, we have only three in our group instead of the usual four, so we have to sing high, fast, and loud". And we did. He wrote and recorded Y’all Come and A Million Tears with sister Lois. Ya’ll Come became a best-seller and a standard in the country music field. He wrote the book, Ya’ll Come; both the song and book occupy their space in the Hillbilly Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.